No more hidden data for ARMM projects

“All is in the system, there is no hidden data,” said Autonomous Region in Muslim …

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DPWH-ARMM Ontheroad

“The bigger and taller the structure the deeper and stronger must be the foundation. Our …

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UP confers DPWH ARMM Secretary with a National Achievement in Government Service Award

During the UP Alumni Engineers Grand Alumni Reunion held in the Manila Polo Club on …

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China is coming to help ARMM communities become soon flood-resilient

“We want to help,” says Wo Dongmei, Deputy General Manager of China National Electric Engineering …

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4 new projects secured for Tawi-Tawi

Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) governor Mujiv Hataman and Tawi-Tawi provincial governor Rashidin Matba …

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ARMM-DPWH sets targets for first 100 days

“We have to discuss issues that are important to expedite our implementation of projects,” Don …

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DPWH-ARMM Tawi-Tawi DEO’s major road infra developments in Bongao

Bongao is the capital of the Province of Tawi-Tawi. It is home to the famous …

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Parang, Sulu projects, Water Systems and consultation

Residents of Barangays Nonokan, Laum Suwah and Buton in Parang, Sulu only have dug wells …

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Ambal Simuay River in Barira Municipality, Maguindanao

This is why we build bridges. Very young seeming grade 1 pupils ride horses to …

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ADB Headquarters in Ortigas to discuss the Mindanao Development Corridors.

DPWH ARMM Regl Sec Don attends meeting with MINDA, DPWH and foreign development organizations in …

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