In advancing the interest of gender equity and better access for the development of the Bangsamoro, the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao’s Department of Public Works and Highways (ARMM-DPWH) actively participates in the Training/ Workshop on Gender and Development Planning and Budgeting facilitated by the Regional Commission on Bangsamoro Women (RCBW) at Linmarr Apartelle, Davao City this October 3-5, 2017.

The training/ workshop is participated by ARMM-DPWH staff in the regional level together with key officials of all district engineering offices and area equipment offices in the region.

ARMM Public Works and Highways Regional Secretary Don Mustapha Loong stresses the importance of Gender and Development (GAD) towards the vision of advancing the status quo of the Bangasamoro.

Secretary Loong stresses, “ARMM DPWH does not only institute reform in the aspect of providing infrastructure projects towards the people. It provides inclusive access and opportunities most especially to women as they are efficiently capacitated both in terms of the delivery towards basic social services and livelihood opportunities through roads, bridges, ports, and water systems that are of great value to these sector of the society.”

In addition, “By understanding GAD and educating ourselves with these concepts and strategies, we better our means of delivering infrastructure projects to suit the needs of women and improve our system and mechanisms that advocates gender responsive both in the workplace and to communities where we implement our projects,” Secretary Loong furthers.

To better understand GAD both in principle and action, ARMM-DPWH invited RCBW to provide inclusive understanding of the topic. RCBW Chair Sittie Jehan U. Mutin spearheads the conduct of training on gender sensitive and promoting inputs that are prescribed towards government agencies and entities like ARMM-DPWH.

RCBW Chair Mutin ascribes a holistic performance, as in the case of ARMM-DPWH towards the fulfilment of its mandate, by instituting gender responsive and sensitive framework that must be adopted by the agency in terms of project implementation process and operations of the department.

She even furthered that GAD must not only come in part of the plans of action as it should be incorporated into the entirety of the agency’s functions.

During training session, Raisah Mocsin, RCBW Senior Planning Officer, introduced the basic concepts on GAD including means to reinforce gender mainstreaming as a strategy to implement laws, policies, and others related issuances into ARMM-DPWH’s platform.

Rashid M. Bangcolongan, RCBW Chief Planning & Technical Officer also provided inputs on gender development in the Islamic perspective further reinforcing the responsibility and necessity of upholding the innate capacities and importance of women in our society.

The training includes GAD planning and budgeting as an adamant instrument in advancing women empowerment and institutionalization of Gender Focal Point System (GPFS) in the agency and its day-to-day operations.

The activity advocates to inculcate awareness on women’s rights and effectively promoting conducive environment for women in the workforce both in day to day functions of the agency and in various implemented projects that serves the best interest of the public.

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