General Functions

        The DPWH-ARMM shall be responsible for the highways, flood control, water resources development system and other public works within  the  ARMM  and is mandated to perform the following:

1. Undertakes and evaluates the planning, design, c
onstruction and supervision for all infrastructure whose location and impact are confined within the ARMM;

2. Undertakes maintenance of the infrastructure facilities within the ARMM and supervises the maintenance of such local roads  and  other  infrastructure and other infrastructure and receives financial assistance from the national government;

3. Ensures the implementation of laws, policies, programs, rules and regulations regarding infrastructure projects  as  well  as all public and private physical  structures within the ARMM;


4. Provides technical assistance related to their functions to other agencies within the ARMM, especially the local government units;

5. Coordinates with other national and regional government, departments, agencies, institutions and organizations, especially the local government units within the ARMM in the planning and implementation of infrastructure projects;

6. Conducts continuing consultations with the local  communities, take appropriate measures to make the services of the Autonomous regional Government responsive to the needs of the general public and recommends such appropriate actions as may be necessary; and

7. Performs such other related duties and responsibilities within the ARMM as may be assigned or delegated by the Regional Governor or as may be provided by law.