The Department of Public Works and Highways in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (DPWH-ARMM) is one of the departments of the regional government undertaking major infrastructure projects. The DPWH-ARMM is mandated to undertake (a) the planning of infrastructure, such as roads and bridges, flood control, water resources projects and other public works, and (b) the design, construction, and maintenance of national roads and bridges, and major flood control systems and is mandated to perform the following:


ConstructionIt constructs or causes the construction of infrastructure projects, identified, approved and funded by Regional and National Government as well as Grants/ Loans from Foreign Countries for the Autonomous Region.


MaintenanceIt maintains or causes the maintenance of public infrastructure within the ARMM. These include the repair of among others, damage roads, bridges and other infrastructure facilities.


RegulationThrough the adoption of appropriate laws, policies, rules and regulations, it regulates the safety of all public and private structures in the ARMM.