A venue to discuss means of effectively delivering greater performance and output for infrastructure development, this catapults the plenary session of ARMM DPWH’s 26th Outbound Staff Meeting attended by division heads, district engineers, regional, and provincial staff at City Mall of Cotabato’s Convention Center.

Headed by the agency chief, Engr. Don Mustapha Loong, the activity serves as the culmination of the five day consultation and valuation with the eight district engineering offices of ARMM as to their up to date accomplishments and status in implementing the various projects throughout the region.

Chiefs of different divisions and instrumentalities of the agency presented their consolidated reports that validates the accomplishments set through the entire region. It also includes the recommended course of action to be taken in facilitating speedy implementation of on-going projects and strategies to realign bottlenecks into accomplishments.

Ushered by the current phase of infrastructure reforms envisioned by the current administration in the national level, ARMM steadfastly copes up with the challenge of making sure each project implemented by the agency reach the most deprived areas of the region.

As Secretary Loong puts it, “DPWH national has started implementing the very same projects we are currently doing for the past 50-60 years. We are way left behind. But, imagine the challenge of making a difference. And this challenge rest upon our shoulders.”

He furthers, “We have introduced changes in our environment. The way we implement projects, from simple road gravelling to concreting of roads, from top to bottom approach in project identification into strategic planning that has empowered our planning engineers in planning bodies such as REDPB all the way from the grassroots, greatly provides all of us a picture that in ARMM progress has started.

The Plenary Outbound Staff Meeting serves as one of the agency’s frontlines in promoting transparency and accountability through deliberate project evaluation and assessment. Being one of the forerunners in effective monitoring and validation of projects in the region, ARMM-DPWH continues to utilize actual project photos, drones, and satellite imaging through Google earth mappings. This ensures that public awareness and compliance with standard procedures are strictly followed.

Secretary Loong, “This kinds of transparency has introduced a new system worthy to be acknowledged throughout the country and all over the world for these places proved to be difficulties due to its conflict vulnerability.”

The agency’s chief also commended the motivation of the employees to pursue in their working conditions despite the animosities present. Hence, he also explains the trivial conditions met by each district in the implementation of projects due to conflict and peace and order situation.

Nonetheless, the Outbound Staff Meeting also proved to be a venue in presenting a diversified E-ARMM system that displays all necessary inputs of all project implementations coursed through the agency’s mandate. Using the current feat of technology, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) highlights effective online mapping and technical data inputs readily available for the public.

To constantly remind each district engineering offices of exemplary performance, ARMM-DPWH quarterly awards each district with performance rating initiatives whereby stimulating eagerness and motivation to accomplish better outputs.

As Secretary Loong puts it, “The entire Outbound Staff Meetings conducted reinforces performance beyond what we are expected to accomplish.”

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