DPWH ARMM Sec Don takes oath as member of the Regional Economic Devt Planning Board and presents and defends the DPWH ARMM 10B within ceiling infra proposal for 2017 which was approved by the Board.

The DPWH ARMM had been implementing 10B infra from 2015 to 2016 and with the 2017 proposal it will close the gap of unpaved roads and vital infrastructure for economic growth in ARMM.

For 20 years, DPWH ARMM had just had half Billion budget with a max of 1B and a total of 12 Billion for 20 yrs. Under the Aquino Administration, with the reform Governance of Gov Mujiv Hataman, the regions public works are now implementing projects in a year what took them 20 yrs. The difference being, the first 20 yrs projects focused on gravelled roads that become dilapidated in 6 months.

Under the Hataman Administration we banned gravelling projects which are prone to abuse, and focused on concreting projects. Hence, in a span of 5 years, we have paved more than 750 kilometers with on going of 200kms and soon to start another 485 kilometers.

If it took 20 yrs to bring in 12 Billion infra in the terms of 6 ARMM Governors, Gov Mujiv Hataman has brought in 37 Billion within 5 years.

Three times more infra at one forth the time.

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